Lies, Pencils, and Cannery Row

A picture's worth 1000 words,
but the right words
sell 1000 pictures!

Do you have...

An About Me page that makes your website visitors skip town?

A pesky, unfinished video mocking you?

A few scribbled notes that will ONE DAY be your Book or eBook optin offer...

Or a launch campaign that you can't find time to write and set up and manage?

Are you so busy that you end up pushing it aside? You tell yourself...

"I'll get to it..."
but then nothing changes?

Year after year after year after year?

That's where I come in.

Carrie Glenn:

Helping YOU attract your ideal client, so you can focus on those things in life that matter most.

You get the skill and dedication it takes to complete the job on deadline so that you can concentrate on the other needs of your business.

Carrie Glenn Playing at Cannery Row

The Storyteller...

The story of your message and how it solves your clients' problems is KEY to compelling copy crafting and books that brand you as the expert.

I was pretty much born with a pencil in my hand on California's beautiful Central Coast.

As a little girl, I could always find a spot to curl up in the little foggy beach town of Pacific Grove, where I would scribble my thoughts.

This little storyteller grew up in Steinbeck country near Salinas and Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel, Carmel Valley and Big Sur. I often drifted down the old train tracks and into Cannery Row to soak in the inspiration...


No, I was usually scavenging for candy left on the ground (gross!), climbing rocks and playing in the sewer pipes (grosser!), and riding the carousel at the Edgewater Packing Company.

But I did still find time to write down all my adventures and make up stories.

I also wrote and critiqued commercials and jingles since I can remember!

Big Little Lies

In 2016, Big Little Lies came to town. I was cast as an extra.

Whilst running through our background scene at Colton Hall over and over and over, I created a little storyline for our group.

One of the women loved the storyline and asked if I was a writer. Um, I guess... She told me her husband made a living copywriting, and I realized I could too!

As it turned out, my unique background, training, and talent allowed me to be an excellent copywriter, ghostwriter, editor, digital marketer and so much more.

Now, having served nearly 400 clients from 40 different countries and in dozens of industries while amassing over 326 5-Star Reviews...

... the rest is history. 

Professional Writing for Your Business

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