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Pipelines: Yes, It Is Rocket Science!

(First appeared in LinkedIn 5.20.2022)

What is a Sales Pipeline (Sales Funnel) and how do you manage it?

A Sales Pipeline (or Sales Funnel) is an automated system for bringing in leads, nurturing them, and converting them into clients. It starts with an offer that entices them to submit their contact information, then sends them carefully crafted messaging that persuades them to buy.

A sales pipeline can also be used for bringing in direct low-ticket sales, then using the cart and follow-up emails to sell a higher-ticket product or service, thus turning low-spending clients into high-end clients.


$3000 Sales Pipeline

If you've been reading this newsletter for a while, you'll remember in Volume 1, issue 10, I share with you how successful a book funnel can be based on my personal experience of a less-than $10 book bringing in over $3000 in services having only sold 10 or so copies.

(Whoa! That's a lot of 10s! Hmm, could be a sign?)


How can business leaders build and optimize a sales pipeline?

Business leaders must carve out the necessary time to build and optimize a successful sales pipeline. It doesn't happen overnight, and as a marvelous coach once told me, it is rocket science!

They must offer something worthwhile, which could mean enlisting the help of a professional to create their "freebie" or lead magnet.


Quiz funnel or ebook (or other...)

This could be a quiz, a whitepaper, an ebook, a checklist, video training series, the options are endless but if this first step isn't taken seriously, no pipeline will convert to its highest potential, and business leaders will end up leaving money on the table.

Or, if they are running a direct-sale pipeline/funnel, there must be a very good, low-ticket offer that is worth wayyyyy more than the charge. A book that is outstanding, a mini-course, something that is under $20, even better if it's under $10. The Great Frank Kern has a 4 Courses for $4 offer that's bringing in thousands upon thousands...


But that's not all...

The offer is not all. Now it's time to put together the email sequence, landing page, ads, and social media posts. It's time to hook all the tags, all the links, all the "if-then's." It is quite the feat, but just like with the lead magnet, business leaders can hire a great digital marketer and copywriter to help.


Benefits of a Pipeline

One benefit is more profits! A successfully managed pipeline brings in cash flow, and the best ones do it automatically after the initial tweaking of ads and email copy. Other benefits include creating loyal, raving fans of your brand, highly vetted leads, and team camaraderie.

Pipelines can also be used to bring in members to nonprofit clubs like Toastmasters, Lion's Club, or Rotary! If you give visitors a reason to give you their emails, then you can email them short, valuable content when you invite them to meetings.

Pipelines are basically a conversation where your organization helps others so much that some of them will not only become your customer/client/member...they will often become loyal fans and in the best of all worlds, your good friend.

I count myself lucky that I can call most of my clients: Friend! And that's the ultimate benefit!


What About You?

What's your Pipeline Idea?

Or your Funnel Fantasy?

How might you use your pipeline to attract members to your club?

Let me know in the comments! 👇

Carrie, author of The Truth About Online Marketing


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