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And She's Verified!

awai copywriter best copywriter books co-author compelling copy copywriter direct sales professional copywriter sales pages video scripts vsl web content writing Aug 27, 2019

Yes, I've been a Professional Copywriter since May 12, 2016. Over 3 years. And I finally took the test! After I finally studied the American Writers & Artists Inc. " Accelerated Copywriting Verification course. 

Was it hard? YES! It was! A couple of ultra-tricky questions had me wondering if I was going to pass. I finished the 90-minute test in about 30. But then, went back through it several times to be sure (Hermione Granger's got nothin' on me!).

Suddenly, it's 10 minutes before the test will expire. After having gone back and forth through it enough, I know it's time to hit the submit button. And... I pass!

Why wait so long?

I've studied copywriting this whole time from the greats like Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Marie Forleo, and classics like Ogilvy. So, I guess I knew the info well enough that I didn't really think I needed a "certification" to prove it. 

But guess what? Having that certification feels fantastic! And, the best part? I actually learned some new tips and angles that I now include in my writing. So, yes! It does make me a better copywriter. In short, if you've got some nagging degree or certificate just fingertips away, if you've been stalling, then why not join me and take the plunge?

You'll not only be rewarded for the work you've put into it, you'll likely learn a thing or two along the way.

I'm sure glad I finally committed to finishing this and seeing it through! Have a great day and thanks for reading!

*This is an edited version, first published on LinkedIn:


  About the author – "It doesn't really matter what you think. It's what they think." The story of your message and how it solves your clients' problems is THE KEY to compelling copy crafting and brand integrity. Carrie Glenn specializes in writing high-converting direct sales, sales pages long and short, VSLs and web content. She also co-authors books for business and pleasure. As seen in,, Contact Carrie at [email protected] for help writing your next business message.



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