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Fall in Love with Your Client and Thank You!

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Fall in Love with Your Client by Carrie Glenn


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Thank you! Thank you to my Clients, and thank you to anyone watching or reading...anyone who writes or sells. Thank you for letting me be one of the people who brings you info about marketing, digital marketing, writing a book, etc.!


When we go into business or write a book (starting a brand), we don't always get to meet or know our customers or clients.


So, I feel very lucky to have the kind of career where I meet each client and can fall in love...


While my quality of work is always 100+%, working with clients I'm in love with brings out that...




Your Challenge, should you accept:


Fall in Love with Your Customers and Clients!


Allow yourself to feel that camaraderie and kinship that can only be found when you work with those you love.


Happy Thanksgiving, and happy weekend, whatever you observe :).


What do you think?


Carrie 👒


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