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"Just Take My Money!"​

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(First published in LinkedIn Newsletter: Volume 1, issue 13)


How 1 email can literally wow your client into being so excited to work with you that she literally says, "Just take my money!"

[Warning: this issue contains strong words with women talking shamelessly, blatantly, frankly, and openly! Don't read—just click away quick if this makes you uncomfortable!]

"Women talking frankly and openly!"

Still here? Great! So...

I'm on Zoom with my client, and we're adding to our project scope. I had sent her an email but didn't hear back. So, I wonder if maybe she changed her mind. In the email, I had mentioned a fast-acting bonus if she ordered by the end of the week, but still...

I don't hear back.

Finally, at the end of the week, I do hear back that she definitely wants to add on the extra work and that the email had been lost through no fault of her own (Google's got my email singing the blues rn, but that's a whole other story). We book a call for the following Tuesday to go over the details.

That's when it happens!

That's when she tells me what I didn't even realize that I longed to hear!

She had loved my email so much that she went and showed it to her husband. That she loved how it was worded. How it got her excited to buy.

As she's telling me this story, I say, "Really?"

"Yes," she exclaims. We're both laughing and then it happens:

"I loved it and I was like, 'Just take my money! I want this now!'"

"I loved it and I was like, 'Just take my money! I want this now!'"

I'm over the moon!

How many times I've heard of "gurus" (and all those people who sell all those online courses) who say that their clients are asking them to "take their money."

While it sounded nice, I can't say I was 100% sure this sort of thing really happened. I mean, who says that?

Just a fantasy?

Of course, I have occasionally thought it when I really wanted something. But it still seemed more like a fantasy than reality. Like an exaggeration or a sales ploy that those above-mentioned gurus and course sellers use to get people to buy their courses.

Now, here I am. Hearing the words that make such an impact.

Or financial synergy?

It's not a pride thing. And it's not a greed thing. It's financial synergy. It's the exchange of one form of energy (money) for another (services).

By accepting her money, I am able to pay the electricity, rent, put food on the table and work knowing that I can take care of my needs. I am able to tell her:

Just give me that webinar...I'll do it for you!

By "taking her money" I am able to allow her to stop trying to do something that she was NOT enjoying (trying to write her own webinar). I am allowing her to be able to work on other aspects of her business.

So, we both are serving each other in an exchange that allows us to then turn around and serve her customers!

Money choices that matter

What two businesswomen have chosen to do with money will trickle down into the hundreds of those lives who will soon buy her course and better themselves, their families, and their futures.

WOW! What an exchange!

I used to be terrified to send emails offering my services, even when asked! But thanks to my good friend Arnie, I've recently begun facing fears like a Navy Seal—including my biggest fear: selling! Again, that's a whole other story...

Oh, wait. I already told you this story in "Two Emails Bring In Two K" volume 1, issue 10. I'll drop the link in the comments.

Defiantly facing down fear

Well, as we can see, these emails are getting easier to write and even though my finger still trembles a bit, I now DEFIANTLY hit "send" when I've perfected what I want to say. No more hesitation. No more worrying. No more agonizing and quite literally debilitating fear that stops me from sending until it's too late.

I am a hard-working and selling machine, and I'm sure this added confidence will seep into all the copywriting I do for my clients moving forward. It's a win-win!

And now, I'm proud to count myself amongst those whose clients have told them:

"Just take my money!"


What About You?

Do you hate to sell too?

How might you use your next email to sell something that will better the life of the buyer?

Maybe, like my client, you've got a webinar in the works that you're dreading writing... Or, also like my client, a sales page or email sequence, or VSL (video sales script)... Need some help 😉? (I know a great copywriter, lol!)

What is your biggest businesswoman or businessman or business owner fear?

Let me know in the comments! 👇

Carrie, author of The Truth About Online Marketing


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