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Now Accepting Dogecoin!

ads awai copywriter book copywriting cryptocurrency digital marketing dogecoin email campaign marketing sales page shiba inu May 13, 2021

(Edits made 05.13.21: removing the "up to 50%" cap for doge payments, so all services can be purchased using 100% dogecoin or any combination thereof. Much good!)

Look. We know how busy you are! 

And while you may be conservative and careful, you might also be a bit of a risk-taker. If so, you're potentially a dogecoin holder (or should we say, #HODLer?!). 

And while your real Shiba Inu may be trying its best to assist you at the office like this little guy, he may not know the ins and outs of the perfect copywriting for your business. He probs doesn't understand how the exact right words in the exact right order can increase your profits by helping you to attract your best clients.

But I do know all that stuff. I also know that it can be a bit costly, and while I do believe that we get what we pay for, I'd also love to help!

So, make a wish, and watch it come true!

As dogecoin takes center stage in the cryptocurrency world, it's become clear to us that it's an ingenious idea to incorporate this coin into our accepted payment system. So, we are now accepting dogecoin for any service! 

What does this mean for you? It means that you can cut your cash payment for any service, single or package deals included.

So, if your package is $100,000 you can pay up to $100,000 of that in dogecoin. If our project is $20,000 you can pay up to $20,000 of that total in dogecoin! Or if your package is $7000 you can pay up to $7000 in dogecoin!

Whether your business needs a sales page, email campaign, your signature book, or even a full digital marketing project, you can pay up to 100% in dogecoin!

This can leave you plenty of cash for investing in other parts of your business like marketing and ads, pocketing your profits, or simply taking a run with your Shiba Inu.

OH! And as for my book?? You can buy that puppy in full with dogecoin! Simply let me know, and I'll send the wallet link, and upon receipt, you'll get your book. 

So, if you're ready to put your best paw—I mean foot—forward... if you want to get our digital marketing or copywriting project going to best represent your brand... then hit me up for dogecoin payments, and let's get started!

At the moment, this is the only crypto we're accepting, but all you have to do is let me know you'd love to use dogecoin when hiring me, and I'll set it all up for you!


Thanks for reading,


P.S. Give me a call at 831.402.7337 and let's get started today!



Cover Photo by Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels
Make a wish Photo by Kateryna Babaieva from Pexels
Office Pup Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels
Taking a run with your Shiba Inu Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels
Shiba Inu with a bowtie Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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